Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Nordic Geometry Now In

Come and say hi to  Carsten Nielsen and some seriously cool Nordic Geometry prints.

Carsten is the designer behind the Danish brand By Cdesign. He loves the Scandinavian colours, has a passion for geometry and finds inspiration in anything from modern architecture to mathematics. The fascination by colours, triangles and squares is evident in all of his designs. We are very happy to say that his prints are now available at Skandivis. 

                                                   Become Green Poster By Cdesign

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Wrong Geometry By Wrong Studio Copenhagen

You might be surprised by the sudden arrival of some seriously vibrant coloured posters in the shop. The simple truth is that I've fallen madly in love with them! The geometry prints are the creations of the art directors Andreas Peitersen and Jess Andersen, the people behind Wrong Studio. Wrong is a Copenhagen based creative design studio, and we are super excited to have a selection of their vibrant prints available in the shop.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Scandinavian Christmas Wreaths

Some gorgeous contemporary Brass Rings have arrived in the store and I can't wait to style them for Christmas. 

An advent wreath is very much part of my Danish Christmas tradition and is essential to the create jule hygge leading up to Christmas. 

In Denmark we begin Christmas with the Advent wreath. The wreath has four candles, and on the first Sunday leading up to Christmas one candle is lit,  followed by another one the following  Sunday. Only on the fourth  and final day of Advent all candles will be lit. Traditionally the Advent wreath is made out of fine spruce twigs and cuttings, often decorated with red berries and spruce cones, white candles and red ribbons for attaching the wreath to the ceiling. Lately the wreath has been given a contemporary update as seen here with our Strups Brass Rings.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Grey Feather Light Shades In The Shop

The fabulous light grey Eos light shades from Vita Copenhagen have just arrived and we are beyond excited... 

Vita Copenhagen Eos light shades come in all sizes making them an ideal  design for small living.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Circus Mighetto Has Come To Town.

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to Circus Mighetto! A universe of fantasy, mystery and watercolours. 

Let the magic begin...

The Flying Carnival Nobody lives in the flying tent in the clouds. At least that's what people say. At night, the tent sparkles and shines and sometimes it seems as though the sky and the tent are speaking their very own language. No one knows how to control the flying tent, nor what it's purpose is, but rumour has it that all the magic in the circus originates from it…
Our Dear Elephant.When this highly unusual baby elephant was born, he was rejected by the flock. He had strange bumps on his back, which many elephant years later turned out to be amazing wings. Magic wings that offered weightlessness and freedom. All of a sudden, the elephant was offered a place in the flock again, but he chose to stay with his new family. At the circus.  

Meet Miss Gertrude  who is no large person. In fact, Gertrude is so tiny she sleeps in the tulle of a tutu. She works in the costume department, but due to her diminutive size she is struggling to carry large bolts of fabric and lift heavy scissors. Without using magic, that is. Luckily, she is good at magic, and finds that it can solve just about any problem. Gertrude creates perfect costumes and props for the circus with seemingly endless imagination. 

Dear Lion At a fairly early age, the little lion grew a magnificent, flowing mane, with lots of shiny, golden hair that billowed in the wind. Because thick, beautiful hair looks kind of funny on a little girl, the flock decided she was simply too odd and dropped her off at the doorstep of the magic circus. Now she is the king of the circus and is happy and proud to show off her magnificent, glimmering hairstyle. Mr Otis was once an abandoned, little boy. No one had ever seen his parents, and he often woke up without a roof over his head. Otis' childhood could have been a very sad affair, had it not been for the circus. The circus saved his life. Well, maybe not the circus itself so much as friends, a feeling of solidarity and learning how to use his magical wings. 

Miss Luca was born into the circus. She often slept with the lions and played with the elephants as if they were siblings. Which, in a sense, they were. Lion siblings. She can talk to all the animals, and they can talk to her. Luca is the circus director, and there it so much power in her voice that she command the audience's attention without even trying… 

You can find all the Mrs Mighetto prints in our shop www.skandivis.co.uk

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